Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Album Review - Those Dancing Days - In Our Hero Space Suits - Noize Makes Enemies

Sweden can’t seem to stop churning out pop lovelies including Lykelli, Peter Bjorn and John and the likes for us lucky Brits and Those Dancing Days are no exception.

They are a five-piece lyric writing, instrument playing, live performing girl band. Alien concept, Girls Aloud? Perhaps - but to anyone who thinks the niche for female indie bands in the alternative music scene has been long in need of filling – Those Dancing Days are a very welcome concept indeed.

Their innocence makes them look slightly like the sisters in the film ‘The Virgin Suicides’ after a day trip to a vintage boutique but their sound makes them a sort of seventies throw back splash of quirkiness with upbeat lyrics.

Tracks like ‘Hitten’ and ‘1000 words’ show there’s a lot more depth and vulnerability to the band than a retro dance outfit with lyrics like ‘I feel like I’m lost in this body, trying to get inside my head’ which is inevitably needed with any band who hope to maintain some form of longevity in the industry.

Named after the Led Zepplin track ‘Dancing Days’ and label mates with the likes of Los Campesinos! Clap your Hands Say Yeah and Bloc Party – everything about this innovative girl band screams future success.

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