Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Single Review - Keith - Up in the Clouds - Noize Makes Enemies

Manchurian band, Keith, have all the swagger of Johnny Borrell and with their first single from new album ‘Vice and Virtue’ setting the bar so high – you can see why.

‘Up in the Clouds’ is three minutes of uninterrupted attitude with epic psychedelic melodies reminiscent of an acid-ridden Cajun Dance Party and vocalist Oli Bayston not sounding unlike Fyfe Dangerfield of Guillemots fame at various points…and, weirdly, it works.

Two minutes in, the band break into what feels like a twenty second homage to their talented influences of Battles and Broken Social Scene- as with the band’s B-Side track ‘La Ritournelle’. It’s this disjointed feel that engulfs the album’s first release and hooks the listener with blunt lyrics like ‘You know I don’t care that you are much more beautiful to you, than me’.

In person, the band look like a rough around the edges Alex Turner and Ian Brown with two of their mates – in a sort of Rascals-esque side project. But, on listening to ‘Up in the Clouds’; the band stick two calloused fingers up at any pigeon-holing into specific genres and give the impression that the Northern four-piece will keep on doing things their way regardless – something that is no doubt a great thing.

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