Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Album Review: Music Go Music - Expressions

With each track free-falling beyond help back into the 1970s like a less endearing grandparent, Music Go Music's debut album is retro pop at its worst.

From the camp dance beats of Love, Violent Love to Eurovision entry sounding ballad Explorers of the Heart, it is at times hard to tell whether this Abba nostalgia is ironic or a genuine attempt at 'proper' music. Rather awkwardly, it seems to be the latter.

Opening track I Walk Alone kicks off things misleadingly promisingly with electro beats suitably shaping the warbling vocals, but the melodramatics of Reach Out and piano led Light of Love prolong this time-warped hysteria on throughout the rest of the disappointing debut.

Admittedly, Music Go Music earn praise for branching away from the mass-produced beats filling venues around the country and so crafting their own colourful niche in an often monochrome industry. But the lack of relevance and actual enjoyability makes this inflicted theatrical drivel seem entirely unnecessary.

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