Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Album Review: Shy Child - Liquid Love

Shy Child's fans will not be disappointed with their latest ensemble of electro delights. Fusing Empire Of The Sun-esque new age, spacey beats on 'Disconnected' and the psych-rich 'Take Us Apart', two tracks in and even the most resistant of hearts struggle to avoid seduction.

Stand out release 'Criss Cross' is a darker bass heavy offering before clich├ęd 'The Beatles' functions as a disappointing filler as the duos long-player begins to trail off. The bland beats of 'Depth of Feel' and the mellow harmonising of 'Dark Density' struggle to chase the captivating start and leave ears desperate for more of the murky bass sampled previously.

Fans of Shy Child's debut may find themselves craving the hard hitting throb of the likes of 'Drop the Phone' with the final few tracks sinking to a much lower ebb, but the hard hitting standouts seem to pack enough of a punch to overshadow this change in tempo and overall deliver an impressive record.

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