Sunday, 28 March 2010

Single Review : Foreign Office - Leaving The House/ Voices

Foreign Office’s double A-side release is the perfect mouthpiece to illustrate their irresistibly arrogant breed of electro. The disco beats of Leaving the House are complemented perfectly by the schizophrenic electro soul of Voices and the four-piece’s influences of Talking Heads, Hot Chip and Roxy Music.

Amidst the snake-hipped hysteria of the beat-filled two tracks, it’s easy to forget that whilst your eardrums enjoy the up-tempo rhythms, Foreign Office fail to actually offer up anything new. So far this year we’ve already heard new releases from Two Door Cinema Club and Hot Chip, to name but two of the main players in the already heavily proliferated musical style. But whilst the latter demonstrate an insatiable ability to rework this genre, pulling back the instinctive desire to dance that clouds your judgement - Foreign Office needed to step up their game to come close to this calibre and fail to.

Thus, whilst both tracks of seductive disco brim with aural satisfaction, the double A-side falls significantly short of provoking the urge to seek out other Foreign Office material - all factors that make the longevity of Foreign Office questionable at best.

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