Sunday, 28 March 2010

Single Review: We Have Band - Divisive

We Have Band’s latest single offering comes in the shape of ‘Divisive; just under three and a half minutes of infectious pop-funk.

Toe-tapping contagion to one side and as the relentless repetition of the pulsing beat underpins the repetitive vocals of Thomas W-P; it’s the chaotic edge to this long-player teaser that truly possesses its Mancunian charm.

But in spite of the single’s likeable disco style, Divisive fails to truly encapsulate what makes WHB so deserving of the attention they’ve spent the last two years grabbing. Yet to be signed, this freedom means their musical style is effortlessly true to the band and not pigeon-holed to one marketable genre. And it is this very eclecticism that has made it nigh on impossible to not sit up and notice We Have Band as they dance from electro beats (Love, What Have You Been Doing?) to solemn indie (Piano) at the slide of a fader.

With so few bands able to draw comparisons to Hot Chip whilst echoing the plaintive depths of Editors - particularly so early on in their career - it is not hard to see why Divisive is a little disappointing. The third single’s simplicity does little to truly showcase WHB’s capability and resonates of anti-climax for those who have seen what else this promising new band offer.

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